Great4.2 Based on 28 reviews from review us onDaizy FerigottiDaizy Ferigotti ★★★★★ Jade SeJade Se ★★★☆☆ JordanaJordana ★☆☆☆☆ My daughter and I went in to get both our nails done. She plays the piano so she cannot grow her nails but since its summer break, took her for a treat amd got acrylic nails. Showed the lady at the front the shape (square) and design and all was settled. Or so I thought. We were seated separately so I couldnt see what was going on. When mine was done, I walk over to see that her nails are almond shape. Its hideous. Not the look a young teenager should go for. Not happy how I showed the lady the shape we wanted, but they tricked my child onto something else. Waste of $60 and my childs hands look like animals claw for the next couple of weeks. I dont recommend at all.Cristina SimaikaCristina Simaika ★★★☆☆ For eyebrows, great, quickly and great. But for nails looks childish, it’s done far from the cuticles, horrible, the photo I am posting here was from the day they were done. Also the professional uses her own nail under your nails while working with your cuticles…D BD B ★☆☆☆☆ They were able to get in me within 10mins.Unfortunately the polish didn’t last even 24hours. All my nails have chips in the polish, uneven application around the nails and cracks in the bottom. Obviously not applied well and rushed. I got my nails done for an event happening in 2 days and I’ll have to redo them. The convenience drew me in but the care and technique is not there. Maybe I was unlucky with the person I got but service should be consistent.cindy yeungcindy yeung ★★☆☆☆ The place is inside Lougheed mall. I looked at their website before deciding to come as their website is very well written with prices and services listed. However, the place is totally different. Nobody seemed to know what's on the website and the services listed are not accurate.The table and seat I was sitting at was dirty with the seat covered in nails and nail dust. I had shellac done; the lady missed one finger of clear coat and I realized when I got home. When I called to let them know, the lady on the phone only laughed and was not apologetic. The shellac was very thin and I actually can cut my nails with precision with my usual nail clipper (I usually can't do that with shellac nails; when I cut, they usually just snap at a sharp angle).I would not recommend this nail salon.RosieRosie ★★★★★ Leo GirlLeo Girl ★★★★★ Very nice place!Maria HuarcayaMaria Huarcaya ★★★★★ THE BEST NAIL SALON IN BURNABY.Deborah TulizaDeborah Tuliza ★☆☆☆☆ I went to get my nails done for the holidays (Dec 21) and I’m writing this on Dec 27 literally only been 6 days and this is how my nails look now. Highly disappointed.Another women mentioned that she had had to go in to get hers repainted after a few days as well. On my way (Jan 1) the nails were already coming off and the paint had peeled off in almost all of them. Very disappointed. Will be looking for a new nail spotMariam AldulaimiMariam Aldulaimi ★★★★☆ June was greatJessica MartelJessica Martel ★★★★★ Ohr ThgilOhr Thgil ★★☆☆☆ Went in for a shellac pedi on a Saturday afternoon. It was quite busy and based on the friendly greeting of the owner/boss? I could see why ☺️Unfortunately my nail technician wasn’t that great. She removed my cuticles with something very sharp (almost like what you see at a dentist) and scraped off the cuticles around my toenail which hurt like h*%%🥲The overall process took less than 40 minutes (though I was expecting 50) and perhaps it was because there was no massage; at most she was rubbing the top of my feet for some reason and nothing else.To be fair, maybe this salon doesn’t do calf massages during pedicures.The gel/shellac turned out ok but it could have been applied a bit thicker (as I could still see the bruise under my toenail, the covering of which was the reason I wanted to get a shellac polish in the first place😅).Overall I didn’t have a 5-star experience like everyone else sadly.But again, friendly service!Natasha BjarnasonNatasha Bjarnason ★★★★★ Wanda McTavishWanda McTavish ★★★★★ Great place for nails 💅 Jenny does a great job on my nails!! And any of the girls for pedicures!!!🤗Carmen HeaverCarmen Heaver ★★★★★ They are so great. Nails are perfect. Chairs wonderful.Erika DempseyErika Dempsey ★★★★★ I recently visited Proper Nails, and I couldn't be happier with my experience! The staff members were friendly and attentive, with great attention to detail.Aaron ChouAaron Chou ★★★★★ Amazing service my wife loved it!C & J HelemC & J Helem ★★★★★ Great customer service. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with a warm welcome and made to feel comfortable. The salon provided many options of colours to choose from, and all of them were top-quality brands. The nail technician provided expert advice on nail colour matching, helping me choose the perfect shade that would best suit my skin tone. The quality of service and products, the friendliness of the staff, and cleanliness make this nail salon one of my favourites!steph leesteph lee ★★★★★ Brazilian wax was amazing! Will definitely be back.Spencer JanszSpencer Jansz ★★★★★ I love going to Proper Nails to get my nails done because I can go shopping in the mall after! YayPatrick ButlerPatrick Butler ★★★★★ Faith JohnsonFaith Johnson ★★★★★ My nails ended up looking so pretty and approved by my perfectionism, 10/10!Austin ShworobAustin Shworob ★★★★★ Very professional service, the finished result was clean and polished. Highly recommend.Jenna LangloisJenna Langlois ★★★★★ Such a friendly environment with great customer service! Love getting my nails done herejs_loader

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